Paranoid Nostalgia
Reviews and Reactions

“In Elod P Csirmaz's Paranoid Nostalgia my invented heteronymic identity, Rosalind Brodsky, whom I created online in 1995 at and whose story is also documented in the book / CD-ROM, No Other Symptoms—Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky, has been re-created and re-imagined in an entirely new and different way. Paranoid Nostalgia is a forceful play with a haunting sense of the grotesque and the insanities of history.” Suzanne Treister

“An ironic collage parading the dubious, demi-mondaine figures of the stuff called culture. Macbeth, dislocator, cookery show. Erase the past—the future is Brodsky. Timeal, extravaganza, songs. Terrific.” Máté Szabó, drama critic

“It is laudable that the English and Hungarian texts do not differ significantly in either language, style, or quality [...] it would be difficult to dispute Mr Csirmaz’s ability and talent.” Zsófia Ficsor, my trans.