Postface: ‘Fountain’ and ‘Free Form’

by Tony Rickaby

These stories are from a series which could be seen as an unknown art history. They describe an imaginary meeting, in a specific place at a specific time, between an important artist (in the sense of being crucial to the development of modern art) and an unknown ‘passer-by.’ The meeting has a crucial, though completely fabricated, influence on the artist’s creative development, and thus on the history of 20th century art. See more »

Free Form

by Tony Rickaby

photo of manphoto of crowd

With a bottle of coke in one hand and a bottle of scotch in the other, C. sits beside Pollock on a bench in Penn Station. Suddenly, he gets up and staggers over to the men’s room, crashing into people waiting for their trains. See more »


by Tony Rickaby

photo of manphoto of manphoto of man

C. lies in bed, reading the newspaper. It’s depressing, of course: riots and riots and war and war. His wife, whom he really only married by chance, cooks breakfast. He supposes that she’ll be popping round to her mother’s later on in the morning. See more »