Postface [An Interview with Buddy J. Finowicz]

by Matthew Breen

In light of what was a somewhat personalised essay on the writer Buddy J. Finowicz, I have opted to make use of pre-existing material by way of a postface. Better that Finowicz is given an opportunity to articulate himself, than the reader relies on my own solipsistic tendencies.

In May 1996, Finowicz was interviewed by word/vision, a Denver-based literary magazine that has now been out of print for several years. See more »

Buddy J. Finowicz: The Maker of Something Else

by Matthew Breen

The closer I try and get to Buddy J. Finowicz, the stranger he becomes.

publicity shot

By coincidence, it was around the same time that he died that I began reading his books. His death, aged sixty-five, hardly made headlines on this side of the Atlantic. I remember a brief obituary in some newspapers, and I suppose perhaps a few literary magazines would have honoured him with a kind, reflective article. But for the most part, the name of Finowicz will mean nothing to most people inside and outside of America, his native land. See more »

Postface: ‘The Three Billy Groughs and the Owld Goat’

by Brindley Hallam Dennis

I’m not sure where this story came from, but a friend of mine had produced a series of photographs of subway entrances, in which the glowing light of the opening at the bottom of concrete steps seemed to suggest a hidden adventure. See more »

The Three Billy Groughs and the Owld Goat

by Brindley Hallam Dennis

Little Billy Grough lived with his Grandda, Old Bill Grough, his Da, William Grough and his ma, Nanny Grough, in a tower block beside the main road. They lived right next to the roundabout, where the dual carriageway into town crossed the dual carriageway round it. See more »