Elod Pal Csirmaz

I’m principal engineer at NewsNow with a keen interest in artificial intelligence, filesystems and computer science in general, as well as in creative writing and literary criticism.


  • Computer Science
    Algebraic File Synchronization: Adequacy and Completeness In this paper we investigate file synchronization. We define algorithms for update detection and reconciliation over an algebraic system of filesystem operations with high information content, and present rigorous proofs that they work as intended and cannot be improved on. Now on arXiv.org. More »
  • Superloop RNN models
    Superloop: Complex RNN Models A "superloop" is an extra loop that connects the output of a recursive neural network (RNN) back to its input in the next timestep via one or more external systems. This project contains: a framework to build RNNs with a superloop in TensorFlow/Keras, an implementation of a simple gated recurrent unit, an implementation of a register-based memory unit, and an implementation of an attention system that allows the network to move freely along the input data. More »
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